2 = neglect, dereliction, negligence, neglection, abandon, dilapidation, lassitude.
Ex. Left hand truncation, which involves the neglect of prefixes or the elimination of characters from the beginning of a word, is also possible in many systems.
Ex. The energy crisis & the environmental crisis are rooted not in a stony ground of technological intractability, but in irresponsibility & dereliction.
Ex. Damage of library materials is often caused by carelessness and negligence.
Ex. After decades of neglection, nowadays there is an effort to bring these houses back to their original glory.
Ex. The article 'Enlightenment and lubricity' examines paintings depicting women reading and responding with sensual abandon to the word.
Ex. If Central Park is to be rescued from the general dilapidation it is much money and energy intelligently directed must be expended.
Ex. His lassitude does not appear to emanate from laziness, but rather from the stirrings of nihilistic restlessness.
* abandono de menores = child neglect.
* en el abandono = in the wilderness.
* en estado de abandono = decaying, dilapidated.
* estado de abandono = state of neglect.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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